Compatibility with Fitbit Alta?


Does anyone know if Garadget is compatible with Fitbit Alta. I can receive all sorts of other notifications (cellular calls, text messages, alerts) but I do not receive Garadget alerts. They come through fine on my phone, and I receive them on another lesser known fitness tracker, but not the Fitbit.


The push notifications from Garadget are just like any other in the system. If you get the notifications pushed from the phone to your watch from other apps, but not from Garadget then there must be a setting that allows you to filter the alerts. Please check if Garadget’s notifications are allowed on your watch.


Denis, thanks for the response. Yes I have double checked all of the notification settings as you suggest, but still no joy. As mentioned, I receive notifications on my other fitness tracker (Tushi), and on iPhone as well as iPads, but nada on the Fitbit Alta.


@Twister, please see if reinstalling the app will get the notifications going.
There’s really nothing unique about Garadget’s alerts.