Compatible with ATA GDO-2V7?


Can you advise if the this will work with an Australian ATA GDO-2V7?

As you can see in the picture the unit has a O/S/C (Open/Stop/Close) terminal, however has three inputs. Do you just connect to the Open and Close inputs?


Yes, you should be able to use Garadget with ATA GDO-2V7 opener.
According to the manual O/S/C pins are indeed:

used for the connection of a wired switch (momentary contact). This switch can then be used to open, stop or close the door.

There isn’t any wiring info I could find online. It may be worth calling firm’s support desk to ask for the pin-out.

Although there are just three connection options (1-2, 2-3, 1-3), trying them out may not be a good idea because one of the pins may be used for supplying the power to the wall remote; shorting it to the ground will overload the circuit. If I had to resort to that method, I’d do it through 2.2 (2R2) Ohm 1/4 watt resistor. The resistor will just go up in smokes if there’s raw power on the pins.

Have you managed to get this to work? My parents have the same garage door opener and I want to get one for them as well as they forget to close their door.

The O/S/C contacts on the opener might work with Garadget, and it’s worth checking with the customer support.
In worst case scenario AUD 22 on ebay gets you a spare GDO-2V7 compatible remote. You can hook up Garadget terminals to the button inside of it.

Any chance someone managed to get this working on the ATA GDO 2v7?

Working for me successfully, it’s the two left hand pins that you need to connect to. I confirmed this with ATA directly.

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Thanks for the reply peteinau. Can I confirm it’s the O/S pins from the picture above?

Yup the O and the S pins as per the pins, I got a terminal block from jaycar to wire it up. The O/S pins will open/close/stop it with the momentary contact that garadget supplies.

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Fantastic … you are a legend!! Thanks peteinau