Configuring via USB


If for any reason the Garadget configuration via WiFi is not working, there is a (somewhat geeky) way to configure the unit via USB interface:

Setup Instructions
More Setup and Functions Reference
Functions Reference

Particle has released the version of command line interface with the installer for Windows, Mac & Linux, so the process is less geeky now.

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I had to resort to configuring one of my units via USB, and was successful doing so. Following the setup instructions, I installed Node.js and particle cli. I connected the device to my computer’s USB port. Then the following commands:

  1. particle login
  2. particle identify
    Copy the device id shown above
  3. particle serial wifi
  4. particle device add [device id]
  5. (optional) particle device rename [device id] [friendly name]
  6. particle logout

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