Constant email alerts 1

My Garadget has been working well with a few false alerts. But in the last 12 hours I have received 80 alerts for opening, closing, closed. The door has not moved during that time and the the app home screen shows the door has been closed for 12 hours. The laser is rock steady in the centre of the reflective disc, and the wifi signal is reported as excellent.
Any suggestions as what may be causing this?

I couldn’t find any accounts with email address you used for the community board.
Please PM me the device ID and I’ll look it up.

I had a similar issues over the past few weeks. It seems like every time i leave for a long weekend.

It’s been 105+ in Sacramento. I found that the last time, the adhesive had come unglued, and the laser was not hitting the reflector.

I have since drilled that mount and electrical box lid that the base is glued to. I then put a couple of bolts and nuts to keep everything in line.

Not sure if you are facing something similar.

I had the same issue yesterday… however the door was still open… even thought it wasnso annoying to hear tge notification, I ignored it , as I was working on the garage…

I have two Garadget. One works fine no false reports.

The second however has many false alerts when the door is opened. Doesn’t happen when closed.

I thought possibly that the sun was reflecting off the car or the laser Was hitting the car in the driveway. I adjusted the laser so when the doors open and it hurts the rubber seal around the garage to avoid any reflection issues. However still getting false alerts when the doors open and the car is parked in the driveway. Any ideas

In settings for Garadget that sends false alerts, please check what reflection is reported around the time you get them. Adjust the threshold setting above that value.

I have a Garadget device on both doors and have a similar experience. I only have the night alerts on. One door sends multiple alerts during the night, yet the door is always closed when I check. The other door doesn’t do that.

I recently added a second reflector on the door, since the laser was hitting an upper corner of the original reflector. That didn’t seem to help. I am adding a powerline wifi extender because of a low WiFi signal. I wasn’t sure if this was important.

This sounds like the mirrored scenario of what Robert has described: false “open” detection when the door is closed vs. false “closed” detection when the door is open.
In your case check that nothing interferes with the laser when the door is closed and if reported reflection is low, adjust the threshold down.