Constantly offline

Every time there is a power outage my Garadget won’t reconnect. It gives me the message “offline”. I the. Have to go through the complete set up process again - a few times before I can get it working. This is frustrating and concerning as entry to my house is via the garage so if this happens when I am out then I have no way of getting inside. Is there a fix for this

The normal behavior for Garadget is to automatically re-connect after power is restored. It is possible that your router takes too long to boot and by the time it’s up, Garadget tried for too long and has given up. In that case just power cycling it gain should get it connected without the need to run the setup again.

BTW: what is the LED indication on your Garadget when you find it offline?

It flashes light blue. I have to hold down the reset button to get it to flash to caynan and then go through the whole set up process.
When the power goes off and comes back on the router resets within seconds.

Light blue blinking indicates that controller is connected to WiFi, but can’t reach the server. This could be a modem issue. Can you reproduce the problem by interrupting the power to just Garadget and not the rest of your networking equipment?

So I interrupted the power to the controller (turned it off for a few minutes and then turned it back on) gave me the offline line message and the unit was flashing green. It then came back online with the light slowly flashing blue

This is the expected behavior. For the next test you can try killing power to both Garadget and your networking equipment (modem/router/switches). Then see if things come back online after power is restored at the same time.

I used to get this a lot as well until I changed the power supply and the USB cord.

So I have completed this test and the unit came back on line. So I am a little perplexed as to the issue.


Hey Burnsy

Thanks for the head up. I will give it a try. Did you use any particular power supply unit?


Just a Samsung one that was supplied with my phone and I had a few old cords laying around and got lucky I think. There is a lot of cheap stuff around but for this I think I would go with better quality stuff which isn’t much dearer anyway. Hope it helps, nothing more frustrating, I was tearing my hair out but it has been fine ever since.