Control logic on a single button opener ...a few questions


Hi folks,

My opener (a UK Garador 9) is a simple single button type. A press on the button either fully opens or fully closes the door. A press part way through the cycle pauses the sequence and another press retreats the door back in the direction it was coming from. The remotes do have a second button that can either control a second door or activate extra features on the opener, such as a partial open and close, but for the sake of simplicity I’ve disabled those as they’re borderline useless to me. The opener has a stop and back-off feature if it hits something but it’s only a partial back-off - it doesn’t retreat back to its fully open or fully closed park positions. I’d like to confirm Gardget’s likely control logic with this system.

Does the Garadget controller issue an instantaneous button press command to the garage door opener, or does it hold the “button” closed for a period? On my opener, holding the button closed for more than a few seconds sets the opener off into its learning/programming functions so the Garadget mustn’t hold the signal for more than a second or two.

Am I right in assuming that Garadget (and pretty much all other Smart controllers) only detects when the door is fully closed? It cannot detect partial states and so it assumes the garage door is fully open even when only partially open, is that right?

What happens in the case of a stop and back-off event? Does the Garadget controller do anything more, i.e. when closing, immediately (or within 20-30s) alert me to an incomplete close? I guess it can’t alert me to an incomplete open (but not that that’s a real problem) because it can’t know about that - as far as it’s concerned the garage door is not closed because there’s no laser reflection so must it be fully open and there’s no way it can know the door actually got stuck.

Can Garadget perform a pause and retreat part way through the open/close sequence? …not that I’ll intentionally ever make use of this feature through the app but it would be nice to know.

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Great questions!

The description of the operation of your opener exactly matches that of most other openers on the market. Garadget uses a momentary button press of configurable duration (default is 0.3 seconds) and it should work with your opener without any issues.

Garadget only detects the closed state but also has a setting for the duration of the door motion (default 10 seconds) which it uses to estimate the position of the door following the command or when sensor detects the change. This allows it to detect when the door failed to close due to the obstacle or somebody issuing a concurrent command. You can signup to the notification on that event and retry if needed. Garadget will not autonomously operate the door in any circumstances including retrying failed closing attempts.