Convert a 902LM to Security+ 2.0?

HI all,

I have been using two Garadget for several years now. I recently changed my two openers and the new ones are Chamberlain Security+ 2.0. I know the implications here. My biggest gripe right now is that I didn’t realize they don’t make a dual-door opener. I have the Liftmaster 902LM which is great. It looks nice, has an LED for seeing but buttons in the dark, etc.

Does anyone know if I could perhaps wire up the 902LM buttons to dry contact a 883LM or another wall panel so I can keep the 902LM? I guess a trick would be getting power to the 902LM and I’m not sure I’d be able to make the functions other than the button press work.

I kinda hate the idea of mounting two single door panels side by side.

FWIW, I already plan on wiring up a pair of 883LM with the dry contact method so that I don’t have to deal with the beeping and delay when using control from MyQ. I’m using SmartThings.


I’m same you

You should be able to fit 883LM’s PCB inside the old console and wire the dry contact buttons for door operation and light. Tapping pads for surface mounted LED on 883LM would require some soldering ninjutsu, but that can be done too.

Yeah I may look into that when I have time… I’ve been an AV tech for 20 years so soldering is no problem.

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