Custom alert sound

I see that this feature has been requested before, but is any attention being given to it?

Some other apps. do allow choosing a custom sound – or at least a sound other than the default from the already-available sounds – and it would be very convenient if Garadget allowed this also.


So I must wait with no sounds? What is the good in having a garage door alarm if it makes no sound?

I don’t care if it’s custom or otherwise we have no sound. Nada zip

I have no default sounds.

Are you referring to the app making sounds or the controller?
The revision of controller doesn’t have any speakers so it will not make sounds. If you want your phone to make sounds then you need to enable the alerts in the app and make sure they are configured on your phone to be accompanied with sounds. Please let me know if you have difficulties setting this up.

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Not sure what you mean?
The difference in app or controller?

The controller is the hardware device attached to your garage door opener. It stays quiet.
The notifications on the phone can be configured to make sound when arriving.

Thank you :woman_facepalming:t2: