Delay or unavailable Garadget with Google Assistant

Hi Folks,

I’m experiencing delays of 15-20 seconds with Garadget actioning my command via Google Assistant, and worse than that Google Assistant timing out and reporting that “Sorry, it looks like the Garage Door isn’t available right now.” Sometimes I get this message but Garadget finally carries out the action anyway - often after I’ve manually opened the app and triggered the open/close which then causes the door to stop half way. I have a routine to automatically close the garage door at a set time at night to cover where we might have accidentally left the door open. Late last night this routine failed with the “Sorry, it looks like the Garage Door isn’t available right now” error, after I’d gone to bed so I didn’t get the report, allowing a rain storm that blew up to get in and leaving my tools, and worse, our kiddies Christmas prezzies(!) vulnerable.

Is anyone else getting this issue? Are the Garadget servers running slowly or getting overwhelmed? I don’t have this delay or “not available” issue with any of my other smart switches or lights.

Many thanks,

Yep I’ve been getting it on and off for years now. For me it usually works again once I’ve relinked garadget and Google home but it’s a pain in the butt for sure.