Device rapidly cycling between offline & online

Hi Dennis,

I’m having an issue where my unit goes offline and then back online roughly every three minutes. Could this be heat related?

Also with the many cycles of online/offline it reports the door opening and closing as well. We have found the door open on two occasions since installing the Garadget 2 weeks ago, but can’t be 100% certain that Garadget caused it.

I see you have asked for people’s Id numbers. I’m not sure how to PM you on this site. Using the mobile version at the moment.

Thanks for any help,

Forgot to mention that signal strength reports as “good” -78db

The re-connections could be related to:

  • WiFi signal strength or interference
  • Router configuration or stability issue (DHCP lease time etc)
  • Internet connection issue
  • Particle servers

If reconnect happens regularly then it should be relatively easy to debug by removing the variable in question. For starters you can remove the mounting screw and bring your Garadget next to the router. If the situation was related to the quality of WiFi signal or some interference then the reconnects should stop.

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Based on some reading in Particle Forum (1, 2, 3), another thing to try is configure the DHCP server in the router so it to assigns the same (fixed) IP address to your Garadget every time.

Thanks. I have moved the Garadget into my house a little closer to my router. So far it seems more stable, but the signal strength reads similar to when it was outside. The power cable literally fell into 3 pieces in my hands when removing it from the Garadget though. I’m guessing that is related…

I get the same thing except it happens whenever the microwave comes on. It is in direct line with my router. It is something I just have to deal with. Potential enhancement in version 2 would be 5 Ghz model.

Yeah, the magnetron in microwave is operating on the same 2.4GHz frequency as WiFi so the interference is likely. I’ll keep an eye out on particle to come up with 5GHz option in their Photon modules.

If there’s interest I can make a write-up on how to add an external antenna to your Garadget for improved range and connection stability.