Difficulting logging in to Android app

I’ve had my Garadget for 3 or 4 years. When it works, its great. But for whatever reason, about every 3 months, the app requires me to log in again. Why is this?. I want an option to ALWAYS remember my login. ALWAYS! The problem is the app is very difficult to log in. Even when I enter the correct email address and password! And this always happens at the worst time, when I am in hurry, trying to get into my garage after a bike ride, or trying to close the door when leaving in a rush.

So I can login from the website using my normal email address and password, using the Web Access link. But using the very same email address and password on the app, quadruple checked, it fails! This is very frustrating! I’ve even tried resetting my password and it says it does not recognize my email address! WTFO?

So two things to fix, allow ALWAYS REMEMBER LOGIN, and fix the login on the app so it works! Also, in the app, you need a feature to allow the user to see the full password after its been entered.

You may be using the discontinued version of the mobile app.

Please try uninstalling it and loading the current version from the App Store (developer: Softcomplex). When presented with the registration form, click on the “already have account“ link to login.

Also, on the personal note I would recommend using a reputable password manager such as lastpass, onepass or similar. This will allow you to create and use unique long passwords without the need to memorize or re-type them on the web or in the apps.

I did just that, uninstalled and re-installed and then I could log in. The mystery is that the Garadget app was not registered on my Android phone as an installed app. It did not appear in the Google Play list of installed apps. So I was not getting updates. Did someone drop the ball with Google?

I do use a password manager, but as the old app was broken, even that could not allow me to log in.

Now, how about an option to ALWAYS remember login and password?


Let us know if the new app keeps logging you out and we’ll get that on the list of things to review for the next release.

I use the new andriod app and i also would like to see the login streamlined.

I need to switch between two different accounts, one for my work Garaget (purchased by the business owner on my recommendation) and the other for my home Garagets. With the old app, this was manageable as the App would remember both account logins and passwords and all I had to do was enter the first character of the login email address.

With the new app it is now extremely cumbersome as neither the email address nor the password is remembered and I have to key both in manually in full. It makes the trip between home and work much more tiresome than it needs to be.

Improvements would like to see here are:

  1. Login email address able to be remembered the way it was in the old app;
  2. Either remember password, or enable fingerprint to be used in place of password.

This would make switching between Garaget accounts much less painful!


The plan is to ultimately make devices shareable between the account. So you would add your work related controller to your personal account with the ability to control but not manage that Garadget.

For now you can login to one account using the app and to another using the web interface.