Disable antenna from Craftsman

Setup went smoothly as soon as I added a closer WiFi access point. One idea I had for this device was to use Garadget as the exclusive way to open and close the garage door and to disable the Craftsman antenna (Model#: 139.53515SR). I clipped the antenna to be tiny, but, somehow, the old garage door openers can still open the garage door about 50 feet away. I wanted to see if there’s a way someone here has found to disable the antenna or if removing the circuit and sautering it off is the only way. What do you think?


After (note the gray antenna is clipped off):

As an option: connecting antenna to ground (typically a negative side of DC power) should effectively remove any signal it may receive.

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Another option would be to reprogram your opener for no remote transmitters. I think you could start the reprogramming sequence but not add your clickers. Think “lost clicker” delete steps. Easy to restore if needed.

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@garadet @atschirner Thanks for the suggestions!

@atschirnerit it’s the neighbors’ new clickers that’s opening this opener – per long and fruitless conversations with Chamberlain support, there is no way to reprogram the opener to prevent this issue :(. Glad that smart folks at garadget figured out an elegant solution – I’m on the second day and it’s already helped a couple of times – I’ll be trying the ground solution to mute the notification each time neighbor uses their clicker :slight_smile: