Dominator Smart Opener Model DSO-1 Compatibility

Hi there, firstly Apologies if this is the wrong place to post

I’m building a new home (NZ) and it comes with a new door opener. I enquired about a WiFi enabled door opener but the upgrade cost of $600 nearly made me fall off my chair.

Before I buy the garadget, I just wanted to check it would work as
I have read that it doesn’t work with new openers due to increased security.
Would anyone know if that’s correct? It’s an Dominator Smart Opener. Model DSO-1 if anyone knows about it.

Sorry and thank you

From the manual for your opener it appears like it doesn’t support any option for the wired controllers. Still, it is possible to use it with Garadget if you get a separate wireless controller for your opener and wire Garadget to its button controlling the door.

Thank you for the reply and looking into it, much appreciated.
I will be getting a wired switch on the wall of the garage. Is that what you mean when you say wire it to the button controlling the door?
(It also comes with 2 wireless remotes).

Sorry for the basic questions, this is very new to me.
Thank you

From the manual it sounds like there will not be any wires connecting the wall console. It is described as “wall mounted transmitter” with no wiring instructions provided so I suspect it is just another wireless remote only with the larger button.

You can use one of the wireless remotes as an adapter to Garadget. If you can pop it open and take pictures of the both sides of the board inside, I’ll point out where to connect wires from Garadget.

Sorry for the delayed reply, the door has finally been fitted. Here are some pics.
Thanks again

Connect Garadget here:

Hi there, thanks so much for the reply.

Will that mean I can use it without any issues. I’ve just read the previous replies and just want to check everything will work ok (eg the wireless remotes, wi-fi etc)

Sorry, this is very new to me.

Yes, to confirm you can momentarily short/connect the exposed wires in those two terminals and that should open/close the door. OSC (open/stop/close) text next to the terminal suggests that that should work.

Thank you.
Would I still need to wire it to a wireless remote to work? (I don’t have possession of a remote yet, should get one in 2 weeks)

Sorry again, just trying to understand and make sure.

No, you can connect the two wires from Garadget’s blue terminal directly to two terminals on your opener OSC and GND. Polarity of this connection is not important.