Door controls

The door opens and stops after a very short time. Press again and works how it should. Happens only on oppening never on close.

What is the short period of time? Is it enough for the reflective tag to move away from the laser?

Hi Denis
Is a new thing. It started about two weeks ago. Press the button the door lifts about 200mm enough to move away from the laser and then stops violently (normally has a slow motion on stop). Press the button again, the closes the small gap – laser back on reflector, press button again the door opens without a problem. It is not happening every single time, probably 6 out of 10

Is state of the door reported correctly? Please check in the web interface just in case.
The only time Garadget would issue two clicks (with pause configured in settings) is when it thinks that the door is in stopped state and it tries to open it.

I am not sure what do you want me to check.

Please login to web interface and confirm that the door is reported as “closed” at the time you’re trying to open it. My suspicion is that the laser sensor is not reporting the state correctly (out of alignment) and Garadget “thinks” that the door didn’t fully close last time you operated it.