Door open/close log

Is it possible to see the logs of when was the door last opened/closed with few entries in the log? If its not possible currently, is it something that can be added easily? If so, how?

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Currently logs are not supported in the client software. This feature is on the list for future versions.
There are DIY ways to see and record the Garadget events:

Try looking at real-time logs in Particle Dashboard.
For recording it is worth looking at webhooks and IFTTT integration.

Please share your findings.

another DIY option is to store the events in a Google Docs spreadsheet, as described in this write-up.
This mechanism uses webhooks as mentioned by Denis.

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Hi Denis!

I know this is an older thread, but my concerns/questions are relevant to the topic. We had an instance where the garadget opened at 11:10am today yet no one was home. I have IFTTT setup for proximity usage, but the distance is set to roughly 50 meters. I was 30 minutes from my house. Is there any way for you to see what the trigger was for a particular instance?

I’m concerned about what caused the door to open. Fortunately, I had the “open” notification set to ON and was able to shut the door via the app (yes, the app showed that it was open). My IFTTT account doesn’t show any activity, and I have no way to know if it was something else that opened it. Obviously, it won’t tell me if someone used my external wireless keypad (maybe I had a surprise visitor?), but I was curious if there’s any options for activity tracking or logs.

For what it’s worth, I attempted to look at the webhooks and particle io stuff and was quite puzzled and confused by the info. I’m geeky but didn’t want to invest the rest of my evening in all of that.

Thanks for your insight. :slight_smile:

Please PM me your device ID and I’ll see what I can dig up.

For event log, please check out this IFTTT applet.

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Just activated it. :smile:

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Checked the log; appears to be working just fine. Thanks!!
Any idea what the random offline / online entries? Updates from your firmware server or something?

If there are not too many reconnects and only for short periods of time then I wouldn’t be worried about. This could be a IP address lease renew of short lag at service provider etc.

I don’t have a static IP address for my internet, so it’s quite likely that this is my address renewal, as you suggested.

Is this functionality available? I set up the IFTTT integration a while back but it stopped working and now I need to know when my garage was open/closed. Can you help?

try to re-authorize your garadget in your ifttt account: See if that helps. It fixed it for me.

Any estimate of when Open/Close Logs will be available in the Phone App?

This is a bump to see if there is any progress or ETA on when this might come? We had door open when away and would love to see if it was triggered by the app or if app just noticed door was open which would indicate local trigger