Door opening on it's own

Twice now I’ve gotten notifications that one of my doors is mysteriously opening on it’s own. I’m not there so I can’t be sure. The reflection and ambient light numbers would indicate that the door is indeed open. Of course I close it right away and then monitor my cameras and other home systems.

If this is indeed happening, I’m going to have to take out the garadgets. I can’t have them opening my doors. I have no external keypads or any other non-secure means of having this happen.

Denis – can you comment on this? I think it’s pretty critical.

Garadget controller doesn’t make autonomous decisions to operate the door. This is either case of false notification or some other system/client sending the request to the controller.

To figure out which scenario this is, can you please confirm in person or with the camera that the door is indeed open next time you receive unexpected notification, before sending any commands.


Do you have any other input devices connected or only Garadget? A mouse chewed wire or defective push button could be the culprit and gradget is the whistle blower alerting you to the open door.

Late reply. Apologies.

I saw something happen tonight – I tapped on my double door icon in the app. Up popped the authentication box. I backed out and somehow the door opened (I watched the animation) despite me never having entered the code. I was skeptical that the door was even moving – so I walked over and verified it did indeed open. Once it stopped, I hit the icon again – it did not ask for a code – and the door closed. So two distinct operations of the door from the app, and no authentication took place.

While writing this I tried it again, and sure enough, no PIN entry required to control the door. Settings are: Authentication:For Actions with a PIN code.

So now, I believe this is a bug, and probably exactly how I found a door open earlier in this thread.

Denis – any insight?

I woke up this morning and when I looked at my phone I had a notification my door had opened approximately 20 minutes after I went to sleep.
I went to the garage and confirmed the door was actually open.
Is there any way to see if it was trigered by the garadget?
I don’t have a hard wired switch. The only ways to operate my door are via transmitter or garadget.
I do have Google assistant connected to garadget via ifttt.

IFTTT has event log you can inspect.
I would also recommend enabling audible night alerts and timeout alerts so this scenario doesn’t go unnoticed.