"Door Openning" alert on Closing


Using garadget for 2 weeks. It works!
The only thing I noticed: when I setup alert for Opening only (and not for closing) I am getting notification :Door is opening" on both Opening and Closing garage door.
It works correct when I have both alerts set.


There may be a reflective area on the surface of the door that triggers the additional events.

You can try a clean test by blocking the laser from the reflective tag with your hand to simulate open door (that will generate first alert). Later remove your hand to allow Garadget to detect the closed door. Do you get second “opening” alert?


I’ll give it a try when I will come home.
But it is interesting that it sends a second “Opening” alert only if “Closing alert” is set to Off.


Right… Your can try clearing out the notification subscriptions by disabling all and logging out from the account, then logging back and enabling the ones you want.