Door shows closed but is open

The state indicator has worked for a long time quite reliably. Of late the door is physically open and it shows closed in the app. When I close the door it shows opening then goes to closed and shows the correct state.

Odd. Nothing has physically changed on my end. Any ideas ?

I would look at where the reflection is in relation to threshold setting.
In order for the sensor to detect the door as closed the reflection has to be at threshold or higher. Look at what the laser hits when you get false “closed” reporting.

Hi, thanks for the quick response. Reflection is at 97% and Threshold is at 15%. Laser is hitting the pad shipped with the product. Nothing in the way of the laser, no bright light hitting the laser. Been working fine for a few years. Should I adjust the Threshold setting?

I understand that the laser is hitting the tag and reflection is 97% when the door is fully closed.
My question was about the reflection and direction of the laser at the time when the door is not closed and you get a false “closed” reporting.

Ah makes sense :slight_smile: . I’ll let you know. Thanks.