Door shows offline, will not connect to phone

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The device worked for the first few days, then has been a complete headache. It went offline all the time. So I just unplugged it. I’m mad that I spent money on this thing and feel there is no customer service. I decided to give it another go. Tried to install/uninstall the software. Still shows offline. Tried to add the door again. Phone shows the door but when I click on it, the box on the phone app flashes several times then says retry in listen mode, which I have done a number of times. Can someone assist?


There is customer service and you’re in the right place to receive it. Also there is no need to get mad: if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can just return your unit.

Now can you tell more about “app flashes several times then says retry” part? Can you send a screenshot, I’m not positive where in the app you experience it.


Thank you for the quick response. Usually I look for customer service in the form of a phone number, email, or chat - not posting to a message board. So that is a bit confusing. Amazon will not let me return it.

Like I mentioned, it worked for a while, although if I shut the door from the app and opened from the button in the garage, the app would still show the door down.

I stopped using it for a while but really would like it to work. The door shows offline on the phone app. I tried to add the door again, it shows up when I seach for doors. When I click on the door, I get the first image attached, flashing several times before the 2nd attached image shows up. Thoughts?


No worries, I’ll do the exchange for you.

Before we proceed with that, please try running the setup from some other device (other phone using a native app or WiFi enabled computer using web interface).


I just tried from my laptop and it will not work either. What are you proposing for next steps?


I’m sending you RMA details in PM.