Door shows offline


Hi, i am having some weird problems, my door wasn’t showing up anymore on my openhab setup, then i saw that it appeared offline in the app, says the same when going into settings.
The light is pulsating slowly cyan, and the laser is blinking.

So i decided to add it again, and went trough all setup stuff again, and no problems adding the door, but as soon as i got of the phobos wifi it went offline.

Now the weird part is, when i open/close the door manual, i do get a notification that the door opens/closes from the app, but it still says its offline.
The web interface shows it as online, and i can open/close the door from there, but going into the settings its says device is offline.

I even tried to power cycle it, green light flickers, cyan light flickers and the goes pulsating slowly again, still no go.
After the power cycle i logged out and in in the app, and after refreshing the door page, its got connected again.
Hopefully this helps someone.


@Mickroz, thanks for sharing. Could be some temporary cloud or firmware issue.
Please let us know if this happens again.