Door will open but won’t close. App stuck on “closed 10h”

The app seems to be stuck on “closed 10h”. I’ve tried deleting the app (says it will delete all data) but as soon as I download it again, I open it and I’m logged in already! I’ve logged out and back in and it still says “closed 10h”. I have tried it on my wife’s and son’s phones as well. The behaviour is the same. Google assistant behaves the same. It can open, but can’t shut the door. The door was working fine for many months. Reflection and wi-fi signal strength is all good. I made a short video here:

Oh, I also tried logging into the browser interface and that also reports “closed 10h”. The door opens fine and shows the opening animation, but as soon as that ends, it jumps straight back to “closed 10h”

Sounds like the issue is not with the client apps, but with what controller reports to them.
Did you try power-cycling it? Just unplug the power adapter from the outlet for few seconds.

That worked. Thanks!

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