Doors keep going offline

I’ve had two garadget units for several years without issue. Recently they keep going offline even with good signal strength. If I unplug and plug the units in again they come back online for while before going offline again. Sometimes the app will say timed out instead of offline. Any advice how to fix this?

happens to me too. No laser, solid green light, garadget support “tried” something couple of times, but no cigar so far. I reset it and it goes off line after 24- 48 hours (maybe shorter).

Before trying anything else, please see if replacing the power adapter helps the situation. Any USB charger will work for this purpose. If that doesn’t help, please PM me your device ID and refresh the firmware on your unit. If that doesn’t help, then we can do a warranty replacement or out-of-warranty discounted replacement.

I replaced the cables and power bricks this morning. I’ll keep an eye on these and will update if this doesn’t solve my problem. So far they are working.

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I have had the same issue the last couple of weeks where it will suddenly go offline during the day or night
I do the same, unplug wait about 1 min or so, plug in and the device seems to work and blinking laser light works again
I will keep an eye on it and report too, but in the meantime if I have ot update firmware how do do that , my current firmware it shows is 1.24 thank you

Please PM your device ID and I’ll remotely refresh it with the same version of try rolling back to functionally equivalent v1.20.

i have2 garadget and it is showing thesame isse. solid green but no laser then it goes offline. resetting it will make it to work but it comes back again after 2days.

Please try replacing the power adapter to see if that makes any difference. Any USB charger will work for this purpose.

Next if that doesn’t work, please PM the device ID of your unit and we’ll try a firmware refresh on it. The device will have to be online for this to work.

Good morning again today it’s gone offline I noticed last night actually no light blinking or anything so I’m going to go to try unplugging it give it about 5 minutes plug it back in and see if it works you did downgrade my firmware already which I thought would fix it but it seems to be continually or should I say sporadically going offline which makes no sense so I’m going to try to unplug it and plug it back in meanwhile you might want to dive into my unit again and see what’s going on I did replace the power adapter and still no luck to keeping it to stay on all the time I’m thinking the unit might be bad and you might have to send me a new one anyhow just want to let you know thanks

Ok after unplug and wait 5 min and plug in it works fine again and see the laser, but why is this happening all the time sporadically please advise a solution or maybe I need a new unit
Thanks for all your support!

ok it happened again in the last hour had to go to garage unplug and plug back in to get the laser back,
Please advise

Please PM your order information. We’ll figure out the options depending on the warranty status.