Echo integration issues

Hi there, recently I’ve seen some odd issues with the Smart Garage Alexa skill. Twice recently I’ve had the response “You must link a Garaget account”. Each time I’ve disabled the skill, then re-enabled it and went through the linking authorization process again. After doing that it resolved the issue.

This morning I had a new one. The response was simply “Access denied”. I have not yet tried to the steps outlined above but considering the frequency that these have started happening I wanted to see if there’s something else I should do or if there’s something going on with with system.


A very similar issue happens to IFTTT integration where you have to re-authorise the garadget account even though testing the applet doesn’t reveal any problems. It’s very annoying.

Oddly enough, 2 days later (before I got around to reauthing it) it just started working again. :man_shrugging:

This happened to me today. My alexa account still showed I was linked. So I unlinked and re-linked again and it is working again. Not sure why this happened.