Email Alerts field never saves email address or shows enabled


Email Alerts field never saves email address or shows enabled. Tried on multiple browsers, different machines (no email field using app). When I add email address>enable it>I close out and come back in it shows disabled and no email address. Is that normal behavior?

Also, I have never received any emails yet on anything. DIsabled all alerts, logged out, re-enabled all alerts. Thanks in advanced.


From what I remember you’ve settled on some exotic browser app on iOS8.
You can always check if particular issue exists for other users by accessing the page from desktop version (E.g. Chrome or Firefox). If it doesn’t show up on the desktop then it’s the mobile browser’s capabilities issue.


All on my desktop machine (Windows 7) Chrome did not save email, IE never lets me log in, Firefox does show the email address saved. I did receive one email “You have chosen to subscribe to the topic:xxx
To confirm this subscription, click or visit the link below (If this was in error no action is necessary): " I did confirm it. Maybe it takes awhile to start the email process…I settled on using 'Puffy” browser on iOS8, but making changes on desktop browsers. Will monitor…thanks again.