Erreka Naos wiring

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Erreka Naos opener connects to Garadget via terminals P1 and P2.

I have this motor. I connected the wires just as in the image above but the door don’t open or close. Is there any other configuration needed? The motor came with a cable connecting the P2 and P3 terminals, I left it connected, is that right? Because I can’t get the door to respond to the Garadget device.

From the schematic above P2 and P3 should remain connected (normally closed).
You can confirm P1/P2 control by momentarily shorting the two terminals right on the opener. That should operate the door according to the manual. Please post the result of this test.

Thank you, but I did all you are telling me but the door does not respond. I read in the manual that the switch shoulb be normally open and voltage-less in order to use it in this motor. Does the Garadget device meet this requirements?

Yes, inside the controller there is a mechanical relay with the regular contacts. The control circuits are fully isolated and there is no voltage applied or current drawn from the opener.

Did you try momentarily connecting P1/P2 right on the opener while P2 and P3 remained connected?

Yes, I tried to connect the cables momentarily to activate the door but nothing happens.

Please send a picture of the terminals in the opener with all of the connections visible.
Looks like P7/P8 may need to be connected too.