Everything looks right but refuses to actually work

Got the unit a couple of hours ago and followed the instructions just fine. It is now installed to my garage door opener. The slow blinking cyan light and blinking laser also looks OK. Only one problem, the app indicates that the door is offline. The Web app is stuck saying ‘loading’.

I know it’s not the network connection since my iPhone records speeds of over 300 mb/s. So which do I do, have someone provide me a fix or do I just send it back to Amazon?

Please try logging out of the account and logging back in.
If that doesn’t resolve the problem, please PM me the device ID and I’ll look at the sever logs.

Turns out that pressing the reset button followed by a short prayer fixed the problem.

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Happy to hear you got your setup sorted out.
And yes, after the unit is added to the account it is recommended to reset the unit and re-login. Here’s the relevant part in the setup video: