False Closed/Open alerts

Periodically we get false closing/closed then opening/open notifications right away. Good internet connection - -55db. Reflector in place w/ 98%. Can’t recall if it’s always open then closed or closed then open. Only annoying, not devastating. :wink:

I get these too, I was thinking that it was a bug or something over the laser.

I get these too. Generally when the sun is setting an bright sun or reflections stream into garage windows to throw off sensor.

Same here. Constant false open and close for 5-15 minutes then quits. Randomly does it when the garage door is open. Very annoying.

Check that the laser doesn’t hit anything close or reflective when the door is open. It could be the top edge of the door or release rope etc. If there is nothing and the issue continues, you can try bumping up the threshold setting a notch.

I get these false alerts all the time. Sometimes mid-day… sometimes evening (sunset)… and occasionally even at night. Always when the door is open. I have set the Sensor Threshold to 80% (Reflection gets 98-99% when closed). I have even set the Scan Period to every minute to reduce these false alerts to only 1 or 2 per time. Otherwise, at 1 second… it would go off dozens of times.

I don’t see any place to set Sensor Reads per the setup and troubleshooting sections on here. It doesn’t show up in the iPhone App, nor the website based control.

Sensor Reads setting got discontinued.

One option is to move the reflective tag on the wall above the edge of the door. This way the door will block it as soon as it starts to open. By moving the reflective tag you realign the sensor so it is not pointed outside where there is clearly a lot of ambient light.

Another option is to attenuate the amount of ambient light. A low tech option for that is to put an empty cardboard tube from the paper towels on Garadget so it looks through the opening. This way only the light from the direction of the reflector gets into the sensor.