False open and closed

I have been using device for a month now with no issues. Today i have gotten 50or more false open and closed. It tells me its open now but its not. Help!

Can you confirm that the laser is still pointed at the reflective tag when the door is fully closed?

This has just happened to my door as well. Within last 30 minutes. Multiple open/close reports.

Was working fine for days.

Right now, my door is reportedly open, but actually, it is closed.

It is reporting reflection of 0% when the laser is pointing straight on to the reflector.

Are there any bright ambient light sources?

But if ambient light is very bright, shouldn’t it report it being constantly closed even when door is open?

Currently the door is closed, yet it is reporting open… with 0% reflection… Does not make sense to me.

That said, the garage door has windows, but it was working fine for days even when the sun was bright.

The algorithm looks at the increase in light with the laser on compared to the laser off. If ambient light is very bright then laser can’t contribute much additionally and reflection is determined as low.

Anyway, to confirm that the issue is related to the ambient light, let’s look at the reflection rate as day progresses.
The reason that this wasn’t an issue before could be to do with the weather (e.g. cloudy day) and seasonal sun altitude.

There are ways to lessen the effect of the ambient light described in this post.

I see what you are saying. Let me see if I can create some kind of visor type of thing if this works in the evening or after sun goes down.

Yeah, we’ve seen some creative solutions to this.