False Opening Alerts

Last night I received 322 false opening alerts on my 2nd unit. Typically, I get no false alerts on my 1st unit and a dozen per week on the second unit; annoying but tolerable. But, so many false alerts make the alert system useless. It isn’t a matter of drift, as i expanded the target with high quality ASTM rated reflective tape.
Any thoughts on solutions?

What is the reflection rate typically reported by the unit in question? Also what is the threshold setting on it?

Reflection rate is usually in high 70’s.
Threshold is 10%

That is fairly healthy reflection rate. Next time you receive the false alerts, please check the reflection rate again and if you are in the area, then also the condition of the reflector.

The issue might have to do with condensation. In that case insulating the reflector from the door will prevent future occurrences.

I had not considered condensation. The first false was at 1/1/22 @ 10:45 pm. At that point the temp was 69 degrees and had dropped 25 degrees since 3 pm. The last false was @ 2:51 am on the 2nd. By that time the temp had dropped another 15 degrees to 44 degrees. Certainly, this was an ideal weather change for condensation to form.
My reflectivity is usually in high 70’s to the 80’s. I usually get at least one false opening a day. Sometimes more. But only at my lake house where my second unit is. Most of the time, I don’t believe condensation could be the cause. Strange.

It wouldn’t the season now, but insects can also cause interruption if they cover the laser’s or sensor’s aperture.