False Positives while Garage Door is Open

I have my Garaget set up and it’s working great. But the one issue I have is that when the garage door is open for a while during the day, it will get triggered that it is closed, but then open, and on and on.

This results in multiple notifications sent to me that the garage door has opened and then closed and then opened and then closed.

Something is tricking it, and I’m not exactly sure what it is.

Has anyone dealt with this and gotten around it?

It’s likely that too much light gets into the sensor and it has hard time determining if the door is closed or open. You can take some measures to attenuate the light or increase the sensor threshold in settings.

Oh interesting, I didn’t know I could adjust the sensor sensitivity. I’ll look into that.

I had this issue, turned out it was a door lock release mechanism was attached to a length of ‘red’ thin rope and it was swinging past my sensor. The rope was enoungh to reflect light back on the sensor and trigger it.

My rope is hanging there too! I was wondering if that was triggering it.

It’s just so weird that it doesn’t always happen.

Hi Maddox, I had the same problem evening /overnight /early morning. Where the door was closed but it falsley alerted me as Open/closing.

So I monitored the light settings next day or so noticing a variable % Ambient light at different times of the day/night, affects the sensor “Reflection %”. So I changed the Setting / “Sensor Threshold”… For me 55% worked as I saw the Reflection does not drop below 65% when CLOSED, during day/night, given light factors being sunset, sunrise, any glare, garage lights, even Xmas lights etc.

So takes a bit of testing and monitoring to get the Sensor Threshold right given your particular circumstances.