First...I love my Garadget

I love saying “Hey Google, open the pod bay doors.” She responds, “OK Dave.” So yeah, it is too cool. I have two observations.

  1. Sometimes my Garadget slow flashes green led. I do not know what this means.
  2. Since I connected my Garadget to my Craftsman (41AC150-1M) opener, the light does not work. If I remove the Garadget, it is back to normal. I would like to know if anyone has found a work around.


Thank you for your feedback.

  1. In normal state the LED should be slowly pulsing cyan. Green blinking indicates re-connecting to WiFi. If this doesn’t happen very often then it shouldn’t cause any issues, troubleshoot the connection issues.

  2. When you “remove” Garadget, do you describe disconnecting the control wire or powering Garadget down. Please try both methods to see which makes the difference. Also try different “relay on” timing in settings.

If the reset option doesn’t fix the issue try moving the wifi unit closer to the Garadget device. Just to verify or eliminate a proximity issue.