Fitbit OS App

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Any chance that an app will be created for use on Fitbit watches similar to the Pebble version of the app?

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This is the first time Fitbit app is requested so it’s not high on the list.
I posted in their developer community, we’ll see if there is any interest to work on the app.





Hi, I’m the guy who wrote the Pebble app.

I’ve not moved into Fitbit programming and I don’t really have time to do so, but I’d be happy to advise someone if they want to do the port.

The source code is already available, but I can provide it if you can’t find it.




Hi mate, I am the fitbit dev who is currently working on this. Would love to see what you had so I can compare.



Have a look at this source code for a start:

I’m happy to answer questions if it doesn’t make sense.


Thanks, after I posted this, I looked for the code online and found a GitHub repo. The pebble code and fitbit code are radically different at first glance.

Thanks for this though. Every little bit helps.


And thank you for taking this on! I’m more than happy to be a guinea pig for you.

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An update to the fitbit OS app.

I will need beta testers shortly so please let me know via private messaging.


Just an update to this, Fitbit’s current firmware has some bluetooth connectivity issues,

The app is very much being actively developed, almost everyday. expect a beta any day now.