Force close

Hi if the sensor that determines if something is in the path of the garage door is hit by sun the garage won’t close. I always thought there was no solution but recently I was told that you can bypass the sensor if you hold the garage door wall button down it’ll close. Is it possible for Garadget to send the same kind of force signal until the garage is closed?

Garadget’s relay pulse duration is configurable but only up to a maximum of one second. So it wouldn’t hold it long enough to fully close the door. Also overriding the safety features remotely is not a safe practice. My suggestion would be to add some hoods (PVC pipes painted black?) to the elements of the optical obstacle detection sensor so it is not affected by the sunlight.

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I had cameras so I’m able to see so it’s usually for me not a big deal safety wise. But thank you for letting me know.

Hi Fredman, why don’t you just put a cardboard tube on the sensor to block the sun, then only the light directly across from it will trigger the sensor? Maybe the tube from an empty roll of toilet paper would do the job.

Already tried sort of. It’s still being overpowered some how. Also it sticks out too much and kept getting bumped. It’s about fall now so it won’t be that bad. Well I was excited to find out about this bypass and thought the unit could do the same thing.