Frequent offline notifications in iOS


I have 2 doors. Both are running v1.2 of the firmware.

I receive frequent offline notifications from the doors (can be several dozens an hour for several hours at a time). Resetting the offending Garadget only temporarily suspends the problem. I even receive them despite turning off the Offline alerts in the app. As a result, I’ve had to disable notifications from the app altogether.

Wifi signal strength typically is reported as good by the app when the offline notifications are coming in.

I am running the latest version of the app on iOS 11.2.6

On occasion, the doors also do not appear properly in the app. I get a big red exclamation mark on the door rather than the name of the door. I have to logout and back in to resolve it.

Hopefully you can help.


To troubleshoot the connection issue please try to temporarily power the affected garadget close to the router.
Please use Garadget’s own power adapter and cable. If offline notifications stop, we’ll look into power related issues next.

To dismount Garadget, please keep the mount in place and just remove M4 screw holding the main enclosure to the mount.

That’s great for resolving the offline issue, but why am I receiving the offline notifications when the alert is turned off?

@ftheroux, please PM me your device ID, I’ll look into notifications issue.