Garadget automation

I installed the Garadget few months ago and integrated with Smartthings. I created automation for the garage to open when I come home. The opening of the garage is very random. At times it open for my wife (android) presence, at times for mine. Most times it will send me a notification but the door does not open. at times it opens when I reach close to the garage door and at times it opens when I am about 100m away. it only open once a day does not matter how many times I go out. most times it does not open. Any solutions

I’d suggest troubleshooting the trigger first. If you can replace the garage opening with say front lights turning on, then you’ll see if the issue is with the source of the event or integration with opener.

BTW: you can achieve the same automation using IFTTT applet, though it will also rely on your phone accurately reporting the location events.

Thanks I will try this

Thanks Denis, Your after service is second to none. You always reply as soon as I post a problem. I am pleased with the two units. I am working on automation. Because it is so random I am not sure what is working. I installed the IFTTT applet but I am unable to set the location. It defaults to San Fran. US. I will trouble shoot the trigger with a group of lights and let you know the results. First I am going to try the IFTTT.

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Hi. Denis. I tried the trigger to test and it works. Installed the IFTTT aplet and set the geofencing by setting the location. Tested with both garages and it worked well. I will let you know how it goes on the long run.

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Hi. Denis, I installed the IFTTT aaplets. It works for one door still random timing. Sometimes when I am 200m away and some times after coming home and waiting in the driveway. It only works for one door. Second door somehow or other does not. They both work well within the app as well as Alexa. It may be something to do with ST.?

The issues you describe have likely to do with IFTTT’s triggers.
To test if that’s the case, I’d try using some reliable trigger like a widget button to see if both door actions are handled correctly.

Hi,Denis, It appears the all my triggers that I set is working. Both doors are responding. However the ghost opening of the doors is a problem. The doors randomly open while we are at home. I am about to go on holiday. I have to disconnect the doors from schedules. I am using my phones as the presence sensors as well as the nest presence. I installed the IFTTT aplets. The doors open randomly for presence as well as the ghost opening. It appears very unreliable. All my automations in the ST is working as expected except the doors.

By “ghost opening”, do you mean the false notifications when the door is reported as opening when in fact closed?

No the garage doors open at a random time without any trigger. We will be both at home ant phones are kept in one place but the doors open suddenly without any trigger.

Thank you Denis you always respond to questions without delay.

I’d try to temporarily de-authorize/logout any additional integrations that can issue Garadget commands (IFTTT/ST) and ensure there are no “ghost opening” with just native clients. Then enable the outside integrations one-by-one giving a day or two to see which one sends the commands.

Thank You Denis, I will disable the garages from tomorrow onwards as I am on holiday. i do not want the garages to open while I am away. Thank you again for your quick response.

Hi, Denis, I am back from my holidays, I got notification of the doors opening manually by my housekeeper during my holiday even though the doors were disconnected electrically.The units were still connected to the garage door openers through the relay switch. I realise the “ghost opening” occurs due to delay in the information processing by the ST cloud. It appears these units cannot be integrated successfully with ST. Can they be automated through the Garadget app using my phone as a presence sensor?. I would like to install the app on my wife’s phone. Do I have to use her email and password? or mine as the registered owner of the units. if all fails I would like to sell these. In that case can they register under their names?

You can install Garadget app on your wife’s phone and login using your existing account to monitor and control your connected garage doors.

Sorry, I’ll need more info to understand the situation with messages you received while you were on the holidays, but I can reassure that the unit that’s disconnected from power is not capable of sending any alerts.

Thank you Denis, The notifications must be to do with ST?. Most probably the device handler on ST does not work which defeats my purpose of purchasing these devices useless for me. My whole purpose of purchasing these for me to automate my garages. These units are wonderful as stand alone devices to control the doors and monitor remotely. All my Z-wave devices work well with the ST. I now have to look for Z-wave garage door openers that are recommended by ST. May I sell these two units and if I succeed will the purchaser be able to get them registered under their name although these are registered to my account. In case if I am able to sell how can I transfer the registration to the purchaser?

I’m sorry to hear you’re unable to use Garadget in your setup. If you sell your units, the new owner will be able to initialize them in their account which will remove them from yours.