Garadget circuit stuck in ON state


I installed my Garadget last night and it was working fine until this morning. When I’d come home the garage opener was whirring and none of my openers worked. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked for a bit. Then it started acting up again. Removing the Garadget solved the problem. I did a small bit of research and learned that most likely the current coming from our super old Sears opener (like the one attached in pic) is overloading the relay and not allowing the circuit to break. The forum links to a couple different solutions:

  1. it appears an external relay with power input to the relay is added

  2. a relay is added using inline power:

I would prefer to use the cheapest but preferably easiest solution. I have soldering experience so I can do either of these no problem. Probably using the external relay with power is best so I wouldn’t need to take off the old relay… but I’m not sure if it’s good to keep the old relay in there since it could be damaged now? Feedback would be appreciated.

My garage door opener :smiley:

As per email communication, we’ll try a new revision of Garadget hardware with your opener to see if it solves the sticking relay problem.

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