Garadget control4 using with mqtt

I have just purchased a Garadget control4 (the other version is no longer available). I intend to use this as a garage door opened using mqtt natively. When I go to the web interface, it doesn’t have any such option.
I am using a mac. Do I need to flash this to give the option? If so how and which firmware to use?

Garadget for Control4 requires Control4 system. There is no additional functionality outside what is declared in the product page.

I had seen so many garadget YouTube videos, this was the only one available on the store. It wasn’t clear that this is no longer supported and I had spent money on something that will not fit my needs.

The original stand alone product is no longer available. If there is a sufficient interest I’ll work on MQTT firmware for the controller based on the same hardware used for Contro4 version, but at the time of writing this option is not available.

You can return the Control4 controller in sellable condition for refund.