Garadget doesn't connect to the wifi network when the temperatures goes below -10 deg. C(14degF)

Hello Everyone!
I have the Garadget device for 2 weeks. The first week it was working just fine and I was very fond of it. The last week, the temperatures got very low, especially at night(bellow -10degC/14degF). The device under this temperature limit stays disconnected from the home network, and respectively from the cloud. In the morning, when the temperatures increases it connects and stays connected the whole day.
When it is connected it shows 3 or 4 bars in the wifi range indication!

The problem is not in the wifi network range, since in the same place I have installed and working also an wifi IP camera, which doesn’t seems to have any issues with the temperature!

Any Ideas?
Does anyone else have the same problem?
Thanks in advance!
Georgi Velev

What is the LED indication while device remains disconnected?

Have to check this the next time when the temperature goes below -10. Today is hotter and the device work correctly without disconnections. I will report when I see this.

Components are probably commercial grade 0 - 70 degrees Centigrade

According to the datasheet the main module in Garadget is rated for temperatures from -20C (-4F).

I noticed that on lower temperatures the wifi ranage decreases with one bar, compared to the hotter periods. I think about installing an external antenna.

Try usb charger with more amps. I noticed same thing on cold weather. I also installed external antenna. I got it working with 2.1A 5.1V Apple USB charger.

I’ll try this out. Seems reasonable! The weather is already hot and now I don’t have any problems.

Started getting a similar issue when weather was dropping to ~8C. This solution also worked for me. Swapped the USB charger for an old iphone apple brick ~10years old. Works like a charm.