Garadget goes offline sporadically

Hi, I’m finding my Garadget goes offline sporadically.
It might be fine a day or two but then goes off for a few hours. Very random but often enough that it’s unreliable.
When it does it looks like it’s flashing a green light quickly, no other colours. I’m not 100% certain as I don’t always catch it but it looks like the laser isn’t there.

Wifi signal is excellent when it’s connected.
The other one in the garage stays connected with no issues.
I’ve changed the USB power supply with no difference.
Power cycled.
Reset and reinstalled.

Any other suggestions on things to try or is it dead hardware and time for a new one…


Generally blinking green indicates connecting to WiFi.
With power adapter replaced, next I would try to refresh the firmware. Please PM me your device ID and I’ll take care of it.