Garadget Going Offline and no Laser Output

Over the last few weeks I find that my two Garadget devices (I have two garages) are going offline. The App says the garages are off line, and Home Assistant (via MQTT) will not open the garages. The lasers are no longer projecting, but the green LED is slowly blinking. If I unplug/plug each garadget, they come online again and work for a few days. It is like they have entered some strange state.

I have the devices set up to do both the App + MQTT modes. I am running the 2.0.1 firmware on both devices. Any ideas? It is really annoying to come home and have the devices offline, and not be able to open the garages.



With cloud connection enabled the LED should be slowly pulsing cyan.
For the test, try switching to Cloud only mode. Does that restore App connection?

I had to reset (power cycle) the two sensors so I could talk to them. They are both online and working again, but I suspect they will go offline again in a few days. Before I power cycled the garadgets, The LEDs were blinking a fast green. Post cycling the LEDs are slow blinking cyan.

Are you suggesting that I put one of the garadget sensors in cloud only mode and see if it remains online?


You mentioned slowly pulsing green. This is the indication that is only possible with cloud connection disabled. That’s why I suggested trying cloud only mode to see if that makes any difference.

Maybe you meant cyan then it’s the regular indication of good connection. Still, if you have two units that behave the same, trying cloud only mode would help narrow down to MQTT as potential cause.

I am having the same problem as well. I was told to replace the power adapter which I did but four days later I’m off-line again.

Do these devices go bad?

I have had the same issue for months now so I got a small remote power strip w/usb on Amazon so I can reset it remotely and power off the garage door when I am gone for a few days.