Garadget hardware extensions

I’m working on the protocol for the hardware extensions port on the back of Garadget. It is based on I2C (Known as Wire in Arduino world) The first extension is not a consumer item but it paves the way for the sensors, actuators and custom project you want to connect to Garadget.

Based on the wish list the next extensions will be the relay banks and motion sensor. Meanwhile, please feast your eyes on the evolution of the testing device I’m designing for the manufacturers to ensure the quality of each Garadget:

The process involves writing firmware for three MCUs at the same time - Garadget’s Cortex M3, Arduino’s Atmega and ESP8266.

Next steps are designing PCB and prototyping the case on 3D printer. Then build these for manufacturers, distributors, service centers etc. Stay tuned for more updates.

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