Garadget keeps losing wifi


I’ve had my Garadget about 4 months now. It used to be fine, very stable. No issues initially. About two months ago occasionally I’d get ‘offline’, which always appears to resolve itself after 12 hours. This doesn’t happen often enough to be annoying.

However now, regularly, I find it’s offline, and never comes back (i.e, doesn’t reconnect to wifi). I open the garage myself and the blue light is solid, and the laser isn’t on.

What wrong? I feel like this is something to do with the power adapter.

Let’s test your idea about the power adapter.
You can replace it with any USB charger and see if this fixes the problem.

What are the documented current requirements of the platform? Is the 1A adapter supplied enough?

Yes, any USB charger will work. On average, Garadget doesn’t draw more than 0.05A.