Garadget keeps on disconnecting

i have the garadget for more than a year. I havent had problems until now. This problem started happening more than 2 weeks ago. Resetting, unplugging and reconfiguring sometimes works but disconnects after an hour or two. Recently, I just found out that whenever garadget is offline, my router still sees the device that it is still connected. Restarting the router fixes the issue but still disconnects after an hour or so. I dont think its a router issue coz i have more than 5 smart devices connected and no issues at all. Thank you…

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What is the LED indication on the unit while your Garadget is offline?

its blinking green. Btw, now that its summer, the garage where the device is installed sometimes reaches to a temperature 100F . Does this affect the operation of the device?

Blinking green indicates that Garadget is trying to connect to WiFi. Your router must be showing a cached list of connected devices because in this state Garadget is not connected. To rule out any power related issues, try swapping out the power adapter and cable - any standard USB charger and micro-USB cable will do.

Re. operating temperature: Garadget’s “brain” module is rated to +60C (140F).

I have same problem. I spent a week to try many ways without success. I gave up, throwing it away.
I installed IP relay, door switch and IP camera. They work better and it cost me less than $30.00