Garadget offline now for 2 days?!


My device is shown as offline. My home internet is and has been working fine. I have tried to reset the wifi settings but no change. Currently device shows offline with the led’s blinking blue.
It has been very stable for the last couple of months.


Is it dark blue or light blue (cyan)?


Currently light blue, and flashing rapidly


Additionally, I have tried to change the wifi to another wifi network. Still have the same result. When I try to set up new door, the process appears to work on my phone, but immediately get the same result, flashing light blue led.
I have made no wifi changes on my two seperate wifi networks. Neither will work. The unit has worked great for the last few months.


The troubleshooting guide says to open / whitelist the port. I can’t find my garadget ip address.


Fast blinking cyan indicates that the unit can’t connect to the server. Is there an occasional red blink between the cyan blinks then the issue is with the encryption key.

Please me PM the device ID and I’ll check things on my end.


Done, just sent


Denis, rec’d replacement Garadget. All is good. Works fine. But I can’t figure out how to remove my old unit. New unit is “New Garage Door” if you can see it from your end.
Thanks in advance,
Kevin White


… remove old unit from the app in the “doors” section . . . .


I have an iphone 6+ with the latest 10.3.3 operating system, most of the times when the Garadget does nutty stuff I reboot my phone and 99.9 % of the time the issue gets resolved. I have no idea why I get unexplained events including showing Im OFFLINE after the reboot I’m fine…SO FAR…


Please give a new version a try.
Also to terminate the misbehaving app in iOS you can double click the home button and swipe the app’s screen up.This may save you some time vs system reboot.