Garadget offline


Was working fine for months, then has been offline for days. I reset and tried to Add Door again using the Android app. It seems to connect and and the app says it’s successful but the status of the door still says offline/unavailable. The garadget light blinks green and the laser seems to work just fine. Also, I can manually open/close the door with the button on the device.

I tried to use a laptop and the web interface, however, I can never get the web app to connect after I connect to the Garadget device’s network.


Please try rebooting the router. If Garadget fast blinks green, it has difficulty connecting to the router. You can also try moving Garadget to the router for the time of setup. If none of that helps, please PM for the warranty repair/replacement.


I am having problems getting garadget online again. It has been offline for over a day now. I tried to set it up again, got blue blinking light, everything connects, then it gives me an error that there might be an internal error. Don’t know if this is a factor, but on my settings page for firmware version it shows a question mark (?).


Please PM me your device ID and the text/screenshot of the error message you’re getting.


Thanks for the quick response. I got everything working now. Just needed to switch to a different wfi. Again thanks for the quick response and I do enjoy this product!