Garadget Relay On Time not enough to close door - Liftmaster Formula 1 Model 1270

Just installed Garadget on a Liftmaster Formula 1 Model 1270 (manufactured around 1993). While it seems to be working quite well to open the garage door I have an issue with the closing of the door.

Normally, I have to press and hold the button on the wall remote for up to 20 seconds while the door is actually closing (i.e. a short tap does not send the signal to fully close the door automatically). The Relay On Time setting seems to be the answer, but it only maxes out at 1.0 second. So once I tap close on the app, the app shows that the door is closing when in fact it just started closing for 1.0 second, but then goes back up.

The close door feature is actually the most useful feature driving my purchase, but it unfortunately isn’t working for me.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Thanks in advance!!

From the instruction on page 28 it looks like you may have safety features missing or not properly setup. I’d get that fixed first. They are especially important when you’re closing the door without seeing what’s in the way.