Garadget showing offline

Hello, my 2 garadgets have been showing offline in the IOS app for the last 25 days. I do get alerts sometimes and there is a strong wifi signal in the garage. I have also tried changing the power adapters with no success. Please help as usability is zero right now.

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@taupe33 - I have seen that happen a few times for me. A few things to help troubleshoot. Try the cloud access, Do you get the same results? Try logging out/in of the app.

Usually this corrects it for me. One time I had to re-setup my garadget, but it was quick. Hope that helps!

I have the same issue and have put the Garadget on a controllable USB and power strip seen here on Amazon:

So I can reset the Garadget when this happens it also lets me turn off the garage door power for longer trips so the door can not be opened when I am out of town.

Hope this helps!!!