Garadget Special Offers

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  • Regular New Units - $89/ea. [ORDER]

Special Offers (limited quantities)

  • Refurbished Units - $69/ea. Fully functional and thoroughly tested these units come with the same warranty as new. They may have minor cosmetic imperfections. [ORDER]

When you purchase your Garadget directly:

  • get free shipping to continental USA or near-cost shipping to international destinations
  • get extra year of warranty (2 total) and 30 days unconditional satisfaction guarantee
  • select power adapters specific to your country (US/EU/GB/AU)

Please contact for volume discount (3+ units).


Reasonably priced reflective tape on Amazon: $4.28 with free shipping for 2x120"


Ebay has 15% off $25+ coupon.
This can be used on a new or refurbished Garadget with free shipping.


Only $3.56 at the moment :slight_smile: