Garadget status not updating after very long uptime


Im having a very strange issue. My configuration is 2x gardaget’s configured in local mode only with MQTT/HomeAssistant.

If the garadget’s have been on for a very long time +90 days, I have a strange issue. The MQTT status does not update. However the garadget is fine in terms of sending commands to it via MQTT.

I was hoping to find out if there is a way to remotely reboot the devices via MQTT? Happily put in a simple automation rule to reboot it weekly.

I should note this is a very rare issue and I only notice it a 2-4 times a year, So probably not worth fixing or troubleshooting. Easier to reboot it regularly if its possible.


The only MQTT commands available are those documented in this post:

It would be fairly trivial to add a support reboot command, and being open source I welcome the forks and pull requests in the code repository.

Thanks @garadget!

I have put in a pull request for your review - Update MQTT code to support reboot and bump minor version to 26 by Krazy998 · Pull Request #15 · Garadget/firmware · GitHub

I’ve approved the PR, thank you.


Doesn’t seem to matter if I use particle workbench or particle CLI, I am struggling to get this compiled to the point that it works.

Using the following:
particle compile photon firmware-master --target=2.0.1 --saveTo firmware.bin

I am able to compile it. However when flashed to the device is just goes into safe mode. Any tips?

@garadget any thoughts on why or suggestions on how I can triage the issue with the device going into safe mode after compiling firmware from source?

@garadget Any view on the issue above in regards to building firmware from repo and the device going into safe mode?

@garadget any updates? appreciate any help you can provide

The compilation may have to be targeted for P1 module not Photon (development module).
My compilation command line is:

make all PLATFORM=P1 APP=garadget program-dfu

Hey @garadget - that was exactly the issue. I was compiling for Photon instead of P1 module. No problems now, and the reboot command works perfectly. Now automated reboots weekly via homeassistant. Thank you!

side note: I ended up compiling with the 3.3.1 Device OS and that works perfectly fine. Wouldn’t mind getting your view on what Device OS is recommended.