Garadget stopped send notifications to my iPhone XR

The new Garadget 2 app had been working fine, sending me opening and closing push notifications on my iPhone XR, IOS 13.6, until this morning. They came though fine last night when I arrived home, but this morning I opened the door and nothing. There was no change to any settings, and I can still control the opening and closing of the door with my iPhone, but get no notification. I re-booted our server, logged out and back in on the app, turned my phone off then back on and reset the Garadget device. All without success. Suggestions?

Same here in Android App. No notifications or emails.

Thanks for the report, please try again now.

I don’t know what you did, but my iPhone now receives message as it did before. My Thanks!

Uh… Just discovered that it gets the temporary banner, and a chime, but not the email notification I used to get. Miss that.

Once again, for no reason, notifications on my phone have ceased. No email, no text, no chime. Don’t know if this happens to others, but it would sure be nice if this ‘glitch’ could be addressed so I don’t have to keep asking for assistance. Thanks, Joe

My notifications have stopped to, don’t know what happened

Doesn’t seem to be a system-wide issue. Please try logging out of the app and logging back in. Check the notification preferences for Garadget in phone’s OS settings.